Aroma Dome® is a custom designed enclosure for use with the diffusion of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Oxygen nourishes every cell in our being. Our lungs expand and contract about twenty thousand times a day. The average person draws in twelve breaths a minute. This process brings oxygen and prana (life force) into the body and eliminates carbon dioxide. Through our lungs we are directly connected to our environment.

The Aroma Dome session is a relaxing experience using Therapeutic Grade essential oils to address your specific need. The dome is placed over the upper body. Your choice of essential oil is diffused in the dome as you breathe deeply and relax. Suggested uses: Stress relief, relaxation, respiratory ease, allergies, boost immune system, headache, digestive distress, mental clarity and so on.

Sessions are approximately 30 minutes … $30.00

add on Amethyst BioMat, Sugar Foot Scrub, or Eco-Fin Paraffin Hand Treatment for an additional $10.00 each

Massage Details & Additional Information

Hot towels and eye pillows may be used during your individual session for your comfort.

Travel fees apply for in-home treatments/visits.

Hydration is essential to extending massage benefits; please drink plenty of water after your treatment as it releases toxins from the body.

Due to the aromatic nature of your massage with essential oils, please refrain from wearing heavy perfume or cologne the day of your treatment.

Please let the therapist know if you have any concerns about receiving a massage on a particular area of your body
(i.e. legs due to varicose veins.)

If you are pregnant or just had surgery, please bring a note from your health care provider indicating massage is appropriate for you.

Information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should consult with the appropriate health practitioner in case of any medical condition.

Cancellation Policy

No Show / Cancellation / Refund / Return Policy:

* There are no refunds or returns on appointments, products or gift certificates purchased.
* Because your session is reserved exclusively for you, Remedy Within, LLC. requires 24-hours advance notice when canceling or rescheduling your appointment.
* If you do not provide a 24-hour notice to cancel or if you no-show your appointment, you will be charged for your missed appointment.
* No-shows will be required to leave a credit card on file or pre-pay before booking future appointments.
* Please keep in mind no-shows and last minute cancellations greatly inconvenience our clients and therapists.
* This policy will be strictly enforced to ensure our time together is valued, honored and respected. Please plan appropriately. Thank you!